Born out of a love of animals, humanity and nature, THE ERIC S. MARGOLIS FAMILY FOUNDATION has been established to support and nurture these vital elements.

The mandate of the foundation is threefold:

  • To support organizations worldwide, who provide a natural sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned animals, both wild and domesticated.
  • To support the advocacy work of organizations worldwide, who rally for more stringent animal cruelty laws and subsequent penalties.
  • To support organizations worldwide, whose main focus is to help animals, both wild and domesticated, who may be in immediate distress.

Eric and Dana Margolis share a passion for animals and their wellbeing. This passion forms the basis of the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation.

After decades spent supporting a myriad of animal welfare organizations at home and abroad, Eric and Dana decided to formalize their support into a foundation that could also bring further awareness to the plight of so many innocent creatures around the globe.

The foundation is governed by a board of directors. The scope continues to global but with an emphasis on Canadian based charitable organizations that fall within the mandate of the foundation.

Eric Margolis is a veteran journalist and author. He has covered numerous conflicts around the world as a correspondent and witnessed much suffering.

“I have never been able to witness the suffering of helpless animals who have no voice to express their pain, fears, loneliness and being wrenched away from family. We share all these emotions with animals – and they with us.”  - Eric Margolis

Eric and Dana, will continue to support organizations that fall under the pillars of the foundation and in addition will focus on issues such as

  • Mass factory farming, which kills millions of animals a year
  • The fight to end the massacre of elephants and rhinos in Africa
  • The fight to end animal testing

The Foundation will establish relationships with like-minded organizations and with those, who love animals, to support their ongoing work.

“I cannot perform miracles, but I can do many small things with great love”  - Mother Theresa of Calcutta